Monday, April 16, 2007

In the Heart of Man

I live and dwell
In the heart of man,
Yet who,
Pray tell,
Shall dwell within me?

Some call me eternal,
A gateway of light,
You've met me,
You've held me,
Yet none know my plight.
Some call me Nirvana,
A doorway to God,
Yet I am in nature,
In life -
I am Love.

I live and dwell in a silent oasis,
In a world of no faces,
In the most secluded of places -
You can find me waiting
In the pause between raindrops,
The space between heartbeats,
That place where your heart stops.

I find my meaning
Between dreaming and waking,
Forgiving and praying,
Giving and taking,
I find the reason,
The reason for saying
That I -
I Am Love.

And I dwell in the heart of man.

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