Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mini Poems

Each numeral is its own separate poem! Don't try to link them together, you'll be vastly confused. :)


Don't ask me
to write anything

All words fall.

Such are
dying things.


We spent years
trying to love
only to find
that we couldn't love
because we were really
in love


We blamed them
because we weren't good enough.
So we needed to blame.
We could have just fixed it --
But that's why we throw stones
Instead of climb hills.

He lectured viciously,
poised to strike,
a feral beast,
King of the classroom.

May we one day know
such passion.


You left.

When you came back,
it was your silence
that had changed.

We listened together.


We were in love today;
a little bit, at least,
but tomorrow will be better.

That's what she promised me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A person owns this room....

You know, a person owns this room
despite the cobwebs and the dust;
Unwillingly, I must admit
she doesn't like to clean that much.
But she loves her pretty things,
her baubles and her figurines,
a hawk with somewhat regal eyes,
a dragon with twice-broken wings.
The fairies that adorn her walls;
The sunbeams and the porcelain dolls,
the books half-scattered cross her floor,
of love half-won and kings half-poor.
This is the room of someone's soul,
whose feet may not quite touch the ground --
But whose mind is ever wandering,
and needs not touch, nor taste, nor sound.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I saw two souls....

I saw two souls walk side by side,
Their hands fast-clasped and smiles wide --
and step by step,
they glowed a bit,
Enough to take the night in stride.

It seemed to me they were in love,
and fancied themselves an honest pair --
with quiet looks
and easy breath,
They silently took the still night air.

I hope to have that love someday,
the silent kind, that stays and stays --
Yet seems to me
It will not be;
For what soul walks where my heart strays?

The Nature of Love

"Thank you, but I'd rather dream...."

Thank you, but I'd rather dream,
since love is such a dreaming thing,
and no heart wears the dreaming crest
as mine, a wan and weightless ring.
I'd rather walk the moonlit paths
and imagine where the road might go,
than travel the weary, dampened steps
and confront what harsher day might show.
So thank you, but I'd rather sleep
and bury myself in love less common,
than tread into the meadows deep,
just to find my dreams forgotten.

"If someone had told me...."

If someone had told me before I loved
that love would fade, like autumn leaves --
and please, that someone could have told
the garden path and all the trees.
That someone might have said a word
and warned the flowers not to bloom,
and chased away the Spring that year,
the laughing sun and amorous moon --
And oh! If someone could have spoke,
and whispered all the perfect words
to shield my heart before it broke
and fluttered like a dying bird --
If someone had chanted in my ear
that some day love would surely fade --
Then I'd have passed a smiling thought
and loved you dearly anyway.

Show Me

Show me where you kept my heart
and I'll show you where I kept my wings,
the ones I used to fly away
when I was willed to break these chains.
Show me where you kept the lock,
and I'll show you where I kept my key,
The one you always tried to find -
Alas! But could not take from me.


This secret lies 'twixt you and I,
That I shall wait and ask for thee --
and ask and ask,
and wait again,
until life finds it right to send
your presence to my company.
Dare I hope you'll do the same?
To wait and wait,
and ask again,
Until love finds your way to me,
And joins us as two hearts should be.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tiny Poem

I imagine myself a bigger thing,
Like the forest, or the sea,
An ever-growing mountain range,
The sky that stretches endlessly.

I'd like to think that all these things
Are somehow all contained in me,
But though my heart knows not its size,
The world reminds me constantly.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

True Faith

True Faith

String me,

tune me,

become me

and play me,

Focus me

and let me sing

your Song.

Expand me,

contract me,

Blind me

and deafen me,

challenge me,

unwind me,

and let me play

your Song.

Crash me

and burn me,

Ruin me

and torture me,

Push me to the brink

of what it means to be a man.

Destroy me,

Delete me,

scrap me and bleed me,

shove me to the bottom

and then scrape me off the top.

Give me the spectrum

of suffering

and dreaming --

Give me the full choir

of what it means

to be your Song.


For those who are willing to be Instruments, it is through burden and suffering that we learn to better serve our God. So teach me, teach me, teach me....