Friday, October 17, 2008

The Nature of Love

"Thank you, but I'd rather dream...."

Thank you, but I'd rather dream,
since love is such a dreaming thing,
and no heart wears the dreaming crest
as mine, a wan and weightless ring.
I'd rather walk the moonlit paths
and imagine where the road might go,
than travel the weary, dampened steps
and confront what harsher day might show.
So thank you, but I'd rather sleep
and bury myself in love less common,
than tread into the meadows deep,
just to find my dreams forgotten.

"If someone had told me...."

If someone had told me before I loved
that love would fade, like autumn leaves --
and please, that someone could have told
the garden path and all the trees.
That someone might have said a word
and warned the flowers not to bloom,
and chased away the Spring that year,
the laughing sun and amorous moon --
And oh! If someone could have spoke,
and whispered all the perfect words
to shield my heart before it broke
and fluttered like a dying bird --
If someone had chanted in my ear
that some day love would surely fade --
Then I'd have passed a smiling thought
and loved you dearly anyway.

Show Me

Show me where you kept my heart
and I'll show you where I kept my wings,
the ones I used to fly away
when I was willed to break these chains.
Show me where you kept the lock,
and I'll show you where I kept my key,
The one you always tried to find -
Alas! But could not take from me.


This secret lies 'twixt you and I,
That I shall wait and ask for thee --
and ask and ask,
and wait again,
until life finds it right to send
your presence to my company.
Dare I hope you'll do the same?
To wait and wait,
and ask again,
Until love finds your way to me,
And joins us as two hearts should be.

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