Saturday, October 11, 2008

True Faith

True Faith

String me,

tune me,

become me

and play me,

Focus me

and let me sing

your Song.

Expand me,

contract me,

Blind me

and deafen me,

challenge me,

unwind me,

and let me play

your Song.

Crash me

and burn me,

Ruin me

and torture me,

Push me to the brink

of what it means to be a man.

Destroy me,

Delete me,

scrap me and bleed me,

shove me to the bottom

and then scrape me off the top.

Give me the spectrum

of suffering

and dreaming --

Give me the full choir

of what it means

to be your Song.


For those who are willing to be Instruments, it is through burden and suffering that we learn to better serve our God. So teach me, teach me, teach me....

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