Friday, July 16, 2010

On Love VII

Love -- the ever mysterious beast
that comes upon, in wake of dreams
and leaves its fragile prints behind;
what seeking eyes, enamored by
our quiet words and hands entwined
shall hear our vows, and deep within
lay pathways where our hearts reside?

And what have You, my wild deep
to hide your face, and secrets keep
to whisper within the listless dark;
Oh Love, why such a swift embark!
To find our favor, and then depart
in lieu of night, and plunge us deep
within your ever changing heart.

And what prison might I set to spring
to catch your ever wayward wings,
and return your favor to my side--
oh Beast, are not my traps set wide?
yet one misstep, and I, ensnared
by all your beauty -- and so affeared
to leave your sight, entrapped, alone;

stay with me, Love, my wild unknown.

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