Friday, August 13, 2010

You Whisper, Love

Heart, I will not stand for another lie
or misleading trial into cloudy night;
your whispers are hard to ignore, yet I
will not be defiled by your vain sight

or lack thereof; dear heart, why gaze upon
yourself in waters deep? I know you love
not others for their own slight worth, but love
yourself for all your seeming perfect light.

And why speak so bold? Dare you feign to know
your true desires, by hand, by hope, by need--
does love inspire some fading truth, near lost
in a writhing world, where a heart can't sleep?

You whisper love, yet heart, no love has come;
and whatever love has promised, remains undone.

1 comment:

Joy Palakkal said...

"Little rose, did you know
that god grows as you grow...."

Really exciting Lines !!!
Great Vision inside!!
Have a Great Time...