Saturday, November 27, 2010

you are a gracious wind
and i, alone in a woodland, wandering

on restless nights, I have awakened
to your hands pressing on the windowpane
calling me gently, outside, look, my voice
sweeps years away, and I have brought the rain.

oh wind, many have whispered to me
of your tuneless song, imperfect, drifting
across my cabin's door, you are twist-turning
and plotting a storm to peak;
they warn of your myriad ways
and although i close the window, still your hands rattle
and your voice calls strong, out, out the door
and deep into the wild throne
my kingdom in moonlight, come hither
but you are darkness sweeping darkness
and i am a lone light, adrift;
your force as strong as the willow's bend;
my sweet joy, you've come, dare i dash
and leap through the woodlands, you tempt
me to a madness of dreams half kept;
I clear the clouds for you, so you would promise
not a storm, but passion rains.


kourtney said...

Wow! reminds me of Wuthering Heights. Lovely!! :-)

Tim Shey said...

I liked this poem very much.

Just thought I would tell you that your poem "Cut the Anchor, Oh Lord" is now #6 on the High Plains Drifter All-Time Pageviews List (not to be confused with the New York Times Bestseller List).

Just hitchhiked from Driggs, Idaho through Jackson to Riverton, Wyoming. It's cold, but not too cold. Another snow storm came through yesterday. The ski resorts are loving it. I will probably hit the road in a few days.

ĐΣΛИ said...

Your poetry is both beautiful and bewitching.

Kind Thoughts,

Tim Shey said...

Theresa: Check your email; I sent you a message yesterday.