Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Writing to Strangers

when writing to strangers,
I like to include my second name: Lorraine
which is a region of France
but even more importantly, contains that word: rain
secondly, I would include
my nickname: T
because you can start any word with T
my father's name was Theodore Wilson Shreffler the Third
I consider Three to be
part of my heritage
Three eggs in my breakfast burrito
Three tries for my driver's license
Three eulogies by Twenty-One
which you can divide by Three
and get my lucky number: Seven
my mother's name, which I don't remember
started with an S, like Storm
or September
or Spitting Image
they could have named me after her
but instead, I took after my father
who named me anyway
lastly, when writing to strangers
I would say my chosen name: Terra Firma
because Terra sounds like Theresa
and I am a piece of solid land
in the midst of Lorraine and Storm

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becca said...

this is genius i loved it