Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God, what do I lack that makes the heart
a thing estranged? I have no faith in love
for love has kept its solitary pace
with shallow steps, and I am fearful now
of that which comes too late--

and God -- a heart? have you not sent a heart? what use
shall come of idle friends, when this, your trial
heaps upon me mountains, and another's pace
would slow my steps, rather than lend wings.

Oh God -- I beg a heart to have and give, to live within
and seek to hold, oh God -- you know
just what I've asked, and how I've made my word as gold --

but Lord, it is an untried faith
that wavers as an untried wind; you seek within
to give me what I am, for we are not
the things we know, nor do we understand
our need to give and give.


Tim Shey said...

This is a very poetic prayer from the heart.

becca said...

what a beautiful prayer