Thursday, June 23, 2011

No love can fill a hole like this,
and no love make whole what is not whole
unto itself.

* * *

Yet God's love
is a wholeness
that can only be known
by those who have been made empty.

God knows where you journey, where you reside,
and where He resides in you.

* * *

I see now that nothing can be.
Nothing replaces the space where you paced
back and forth down long halls
and no matter where my words wander, still your words
are lost to the world, wisdom whose only mark
is the deep scar you've left on me.

And God, sweet silence, speak silently to me
of where, from here, my heart shall go. I do not hide
yet wait for the day, for the hour when I shall
resurrect you.

You must take, and take again, take away
all that makes me hesitate, that my steps do not waver
and voice sounds strong, that when the time comes
those who must hear can hear what I must say.