Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Jewel City

This jewel city
thinks more of itself
and more of those shoes
and less of now
this ocean city
sits on the beach
in a magazine
washing down
last night's taste
with fruit intoxication
this breezy city
drives 120mph
over thin snake canyons
in sunglasses and
$50 conditioner
there's no room for sunblock
unless you're over 30
and then you better look 20
otherwise, this frenzy city
will overlook you
unless you go to
the black hole bars
and sidewinder streets
to buy or sell
this front of the line city
doesn't look too close
at its cracking streets
and earthquake dramas
and red carpet beggars
dazzling lightshow cameras
propped up behind glass
let's overlook
the creeping black soot
the crawling asphalt dreamers
and smoker's cough

1 comment:

Tim Shey said...

I think you should have a book of poetry published. This was a great poem.