Monday, April 11, 2011

What is it that leaves us, Lord, when breath becomes
entwined with branches and shakes
through our lungs. What gasp escapes
begging a name, Lord,
what of a name-

And when does hope leave us -- is it a slow leak, crawling
on our knees to find the source,
cracks in pavement, warped wood --
do you reside between my fingers, where
itching and grasping I pull close a sweater --
or is it an envelope, a letter, mail forgotten
on my kitchen table, signed August 22nd, 2009 --
deceased, return to sender, or

perhaps your name, Lord, is written
on the pages of my book, the pages
I have turned over and over again.


becca said...

amazing writing. have you thought of writing a poetry book or have you already done so

Serendipity said...
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poetsforpeanuts said...

hi becca!

Thank you so much for reading and comments, you're wonderful. :) I actually made a poetry book that was illustrated by HideUrFeathers. You can check it out here:

It's older poetry from pre-2009. Style is a little different but the ideas/themes are all there. :)

Tim Shey said...

You are a brilliant and gifted poet.