Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pain is not worth poetry.

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Tim Shey said...

But sometimes pain needs to be vented out of your system and poetry can be a way of getting it out. Someone may read that poem and be edified.

Look at the Psalms. There are some Psalms that describe the psalmists pain and sorrow. And this can minister to people, if they believe in God.

Beethoven composed some beautiful music and I believe it may have been inspired from his pain. He went deaf after his 28th birthday (as far as I know). He was a brilliant man that probably few others understood (some brilliant people live solitary lives because they have no one to talk with).

Look at Psalm 22. It is beautiful and powerful and there is a lot of pain in it. Look at my poem "Shiloh"; it is pretty much Psalm 22 Revisited.

Pain is part of being human; pain is part of being a poet.