Thursday, June 24, 2010

God sits
and I sit
and we speak
and it seems
that he knows
what I say
and a clock
ticks away
tick tock
not today
nor the next
but our task's
on the way
i know
what he says
be still
i have asked
that you wait
but i can't
god -- now!
i want now
to know more
than i know
but God laughs
you are young
little seed
but We grow


Tim Shey said...

Theresa: I had a very pleasant surprise just five minutes ago. I have been here at the Victor, Idaho public library and I was looking at the New Releases bookcase. On the second row from the top, I saw my book "High Plains Drifter: A Hitchhiking Journey Across America." The librarian let me sign the book.

There is a suggestion box here at the library, so I suggested that they buy my book a few months ago. I never thought that they would actually buy it.

As far as I know, my book is now in three libraries in Montana and two libraries in Idaho.

I never thought that "High Plains Drifter" would be published. The Lord will use it somehow to further His Kingdom.

It was a very pleasant surprise.

poetsforpeanuts said...


Wow! What an awesome surprise! God was obviously waiting for you to get there so you could see your gift. :) Sometimes I have dreams of entire bookstores filled with my books. I know I write a lot of poetry on this blog, but I am first and foremost a novelist. Wrote my first book when I was 12 shortly after I was saved. It was 600 pages, and I've been writing ever since. :)

A good friend of mine from Singapore emailed me the other day and told me she had a dream of my books on a shelf in her library. I didn't realize she even knew I was a writer. I think the Lord certainly does speak to us in dreams. :)

God bless!