Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love, reside
but ever know
I am
a traveler

Love, redeem
yet when I'm called
so shall I leave

Love, anchor
yet not to the ways
of the shore;
for waves come
and ever, I
must move
as the sea
and when currents call
so shall I leave
so shall I leave


Tim Shey said...

Theresa: It looks like I put the wrong comments to the wrong poem. I am sure you will see what I am talking about.

Just passing through Jackson, Wyoming.

poetsforpeanuts said...

Hi Tim!

Jackson, Wyoming, hm? Sounds beautiful. What are the people like? Any interesting encounters?

I read your other two posts on the poem below. I thought of you when I wrote that second one, "so shall I leave, so shall I leave." Its also a feeling I've had with most of the significant people in my life, who I have left behind. No matter our human connection, when I am called, I must leave, because I serve a higher Love. God is a very beautiful wind, and makes letting go of "humanly" things much easier. Though we may not all manifest it in our lives, I think that all who walk with Christ really are wanderers and healers, going where we are called to go, no matter which circles we travel.

I write what speaks to me, and I am overjoyed when it speaks to others. God is the only real Muse. :)

Lawson said...


Great poem, I can totally relate! Thinking of the same things right now.

Tim Shey said...

I have hitchhiked through Jackson, Wyoming many times since October of 2000. It is a very beautiful place; the Grand Teton Mountains are close by; there are two ski resorts in the Jackson Hole area (I have never skiied). People from all over the world come to Jackson; it used to be my home base for several years--I used to sleep on my friends' couch or on the floor.

We are pilgrims on the earth. All who wander are not lost. I wonder how long the Lord will want me to hitchhike. Not my will but Thine be done. We are pilgrims because this planet is not our home. The world system and Jesus Christ are two different ways of being/living. Those who abide in Christ live by faith; those who are in bondage to the world system live according to the flesh. I am a stranger in a strange land.

"The love of the world is enmity with the father."