Friday, December 10, 2010

Show me the road...

show me the road, oh whispers made of fine grain, where brush to brush we glean fine flowers observed in sunlight; align a path, oh rocks, rocks for stepping show me dream to dream flight fancy on a forest walk. show me trees of deep boughs, bowing low to spinning wind; take me step by step by hand oh trembling spirit of mirth your laughter is a clear flowing river of thought stream thoughts; my steps wander ever to a shade casting shade, here we rest 'til we walk again


Tim Shey said...

I really like this passage. It is stream of consciousness writing; poetic prose. It is someone's thoughts as they walk down a country road.

In the summer, when it is really hot and you have walked for many miles, it is nice to sit under the shade of a tree and look at the grass or look at the sky or look at something besides the asphalt of the highway.

"here we rest 'til we walk again"

Here we rest till the Lord tells us to hit the road again. Walk and rest; work and rest. If we truly abide in Christ, we are always at rest in Him--whether we walk or work or rest or sleep.

Jesus IS the Sabbath Rest.

poetsforpeanuts said...

Thank you... when I first wrote it, it was structured as a poem, but then when I posted it the formatting somehow got erased and it turned out like this. I like it so much better as a small paragraph, haha!