Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Common Heart / My New Hat

So my face is like red and nasty and I'm pretty sure a bear ravaged my hair and that's how it got like that (or conceivably I didn't brush it), but this is my new hat! It says "airborne" on it. I know it's a stupid army thing, but I mean, come on... "airborne." Like I'm flying. Like I'll never touch the ground.
And now for my latest poem:
Common Heart
We didn't understand the words
so we learned to recognize the sounds.
Hanging on each syllable,
each movement and glance.
It became like music,
Tingling over the skin,
teaching the body to
We tensed with the oooohs,
quivered with the aaaahs;
We connected through murmurs and assonance.

No common tongue,
But a common heart.

1 comment:

Tim Shey said...

"No common tongue,
But a common heart."

Great lines. You are brilliant.