Saturday, September 26, 2009

i am i am

I am in a dark place.
There is a singular light
shining down on me.
Not a room. Nowhere.

I look up, squint, speak.
I could kill myself with why;
they waste their time searching, like this is
something to be achieved, when
nothing about god will ever make sense
even when you can feel its words
in your stomach.

The light would whisper back, but I
cut it off, quickly--
I am a destiny unto myself
and always have been, but I lie
because I've never been anything more
than you, and without you, shall fall to nothing,
and yet
I remember the promise you made me,
when I lost myself
the first time.
You cannot hide from me.

The light never shifts,
just beams down; I do not know
if it is exposing or protecting;
I need both.

What? Is that all? And have you no explanation?

I listen.

here i am i am

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