Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Tower

I am somewhere between the faded dark
and a fragile kingdom, conceived of light--
a tower's point at mountain's peak ablaze
has caught my shadowing eyes, alight,

and tries to lead my weary path away;
a safehold against this billowing night.
It draws my feet from road unknown, unseen
to mountain slopes, and half-forsaken falls,

where our hearts have stumbled; no love redeemed
nor peace to find, and so we learn to crawl
and humble ourselves before the tower's light,
to reach its doorstep, to hear, to see, to burn
in sweetest fires, bright.

Our deepest holes, our darkest winters define
that tower, as yet unbreached, unclimbed -- I wonder
if this mountain's steepest peaks
are the truths it hides, and when that doorstep seek,
we reach the tower, with only ourselves to find.

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