Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wouldn't you rather....

Wouldn't you rather
run on the sand?
Let it slip
like the rugs we stand on,
flip away from us
in a thousand thoughts

feel the salt breeze play
on our salt-worn cheeks,
brush away the salt-drops
and slit our eyes to see,
we'll claim it is the wind

Wouldn't you rather
be at peace with this sea?
I don't need to understand
anything, only that the sky
is free; I can afford to keep it,
though its not much of a roof,
and its reaches are
too high for me.


Just live for a day like you would live
if you could, forgetting that here are
boundaries that cannot be crossed, and there
are eyes that would surely see--
wouldn't you rather just hold her
like she was your last breath, breathe her
like she was your last scent, keep her
as though anything can be kept

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